DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Sixth Season (Review)

As it becomes available today, I took some time to sit down and check out the blu-ray release of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Sixth Season, to see if it is worth picking up.

The sixth season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, once again, took the heroes of the Waverider in a completely different direction from the previous season. While season five was all about tracking down the Loom of Fate and defeating villains from Hell, season six saw our time-traveling heroes tackling something new: space aliens!

Given everything the Waverider and its crew have encountered over the years, it’s kind of shocking that the topic of aliens hasn’t been directly addressed until this season. I’ll admit to feeling a little uneasy about aliens being introduced to the story, but it works really well and it gave me one of the biggest shocks ever when one character (I won’t say who) was revealed to have been an alien the entire time we’ve known them. That’s good television and I was pleased to see the series could still deliver twists like that after all this time.

If this season has one downside, it’s that it’s the end of John Constantine’s adventures with the Waverider. Yes, I know Matt Ryan is staying with the show, albeit as a different character, and yes I know he’s stated he’s done everything he can with the role of Constantine, but it’s still really sad to see the character’s time on the show come to an end. That being said, I do appreciate that Constantine’s story arc ends with him still out there roaming the world. While unlikely, this does leave the door open for the character to return for a guest appearance.

The Blu-Ray for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Sixth Season is very nicely put together with a decent collection of special features, as well as all fifteen episodes. I particularly like that there’s a gag reel and deleted scenes included in this release. Deleted scenes are always fun to watch because they can add more nuance to a particular episode and gag reels are one of my favorite things because they remind me that even the best actors can have their moments where they flub a line.

Blu-Ray & DVD Features

  • Gag Reel
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Never Alone: Heroes and Allies
  • VFX Creature Feature
  • Animation Split Screen
  • Actors Split Screen

Episode List

  1. Ground Control to Sara Lance
  2. Meat: The Legends
  3. The Ex-Factor
  4. Bay of Squids
  5. The Satanist’s Apprentice
  6. Bishop’s Gambit
  7. Back to the Finale Part II
  8. Stressed Western
  9. This is Gus
  10. Bad Blood
  11. The Final Frame
  12. Bored on Board Onboard
  13. Silence of the Sonograms
  14. There Will Be Brood
  15. The Fungus Among Us

In conclusion, while I feel the sixth season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is somewhat weakened by the departure of several cast members, it’s still a good story and I recommend picking it up on blu-ray, especially if you’ve enjoyed the story to this point. The sixth season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is available to purchase starting today.

DC'S Legends of Tomorrow The Complete Sixth Season
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