‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture-The Director’s Edition’ Comes to Glorious Life in 4K UHD

The Director’s Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture looks better than ever in 4K UHD and I’m here to let you know whether it’s worth checking out.

As part of the recent celebrations for Star Trek Day, Paramount Home Entertainment released a freshly restored version of Star Trek: The Motion Picture-The Director’s Edition on 4K UHD. The film was released as part of a set of special releases, including a Collector’s Set entitled “The Complete Adventures” and a six-film collection featuring the original Star Trek cast on 4K UHD.

Releasing Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 4K UHD was a big deal because the last new release of the film, specifically the Director’s Edition, was released in 2001 in DVD. That makes it over 20 years since a new edition of the film came out. And from what I can tell, this new edition was well worth the wait.

It look over six months of work to complete the film’s upgrade to 4K UHD and the results look amazing. It’s still the film I grew up watching, but now the image is so clear and pristine, it’s like the film has been made new.

Along with the visible upgrade in the film’s picture quality, there’s also a long list of special features available, many of which are brand new:

Ultra HD Disc bonus features

  • Audio Commentary with David C. Fein, Mike Matessino, and Daren R. DochtermanNEW!
  • Audio Commentary by Robert Wise, Douglas Trumbull, John Dykstra, Jerry Goldsmith, and Stephen Collins​
  • Text Commentary by Michael and Denise Okuda​

Blu-ray Disc bonus features

  • The Human Adventure—An all-new 8-part documentary detailing how the Director’s Edition came to lifeNEW!
    • Preparing the Future – How the remastering began
    • A Wise Choice – The storied history of Robert Wise
    • Refitting the Enterprise – How the Enterprise design shaped future federation starships
    • Sounding Off – Exploring new dimensions of sound in Dolby Atmos
    • V’ger – The conception and restoration of an iconic alien antagonist
    • Return to Tomorrow – Reaching an already high bar with new CGI effects
    • A Grand Theme – Behind the iconic, influential music score that shaped the franchise’s future
    • The Grand Vision – The legacy and evolving reputation of this classic movie
  • Deleted Scenes—NEW!
  • Effects Tests—NEW!
  • Costume Tests—NEW!
  • Computer Display Graphics—NEW!
  • Additional legacy bonus content

Between the marvelous upgrade to 4K UHD and so many amazing bonus features included with the film, I highly recommend adding this new edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture-The Director’s Edition to your collection. This is definitely a must have for any fan of the Star Trek franchise.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture-The Director’s Edition is now available on 4K UHD.

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