Two HBO Max Exclusive Movies Get a Physical Release This Month

Warner Bros. has announced two of their HBO Max exclusive films, The Fallout and KIMI, will be getting physical releases.

As I said yesterday about The Boys coming to blu-ray, I’m very excited to see more studios bringing their streaming exclusive titles to a physical format for everyone to watch. Today, WB is joining in on the fun by bringing both The Fallout and KIMI to…DVD.

Wait, that can’t be right.

Well, apparently it is! For some reason we’re only getting these on DVD rather than an actual HD format that’s been in use for well over a decade now. I suppose it’s better than nothing. The Fallout is available on DVD starting TODAY (April 5th), with KIMI coming next week on April 12th.

Bolstered by new friendships forged under sudden and tragic circumstances, high schooler Vada (Jenna Ortega) begins to reinvent herself, while re-evaluating her relationships with her family, friends and her view of the world. Moving away from her comfortable family routine, she starts taking chances with a series of quicksilver decisions that test her own boundaries and push her in new directions. As she spends more time with Mia (Maddie Ziegler), they grow closer, and Vada slowly redefines herself through their shared experiences, leading her further away from that day and closer to living her life in the now.

DVD Special Features

Title: The Making of The Fallout
Description: The Fallout is an emotional coming-of-age story about love, loss, and hope in the aftermath of an unimaginable event. This behind the scenes look at the film will highlight the project from writer/director Megan Park’s initial idea, to the talented cast, and the relationships built on set.

Angela Childs (Zoë Kravitz) reviews data streams for the voice-activated companion server KIMI. Amidst a pandemic, though restrictions have eased, she suffers from agoraphobia and follows a strict routine, flirting—among other things—with her neighbor, and communicating with her mother, dentist and therapist via video chat, within the safety of her apartment in Seattle. But that changes when she hears something horrific in one of the streams and reporting a serious crime over email is deemed too risky. Angela hasn’t ventured outside since before the pandemic, so just getting to the office is a huge challenge. Determined to do the right thing, Angela has no idea what will actually happen when—and if—she’s able to step out of her comfort zone.

DVD Special Features

Title: KIMI… Who’s Listening!!?
Description: KIMI… Who’s Listening!!? Introduces our hero Angela (Zoë Kravitz) and delves into the thriller nature of the film. This featurette explores the confluence of Angela’s phobia and ever-present technology as she seeks some semblance of safety as she fears for her life.

Will you be picking these up on DVD?

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