M.T. Anderson’s ‘Feed’ Receiving Movie Adaptation, Stanley Kalu to Write and Direct

An acclaimed YA novel is receiving a movie adaptation with Stanley Kalu set to write and direct the feature.

It’s been announced in an exclusive report from The Hollywood Reporter that M.T. Anderson’s dystopian YA novel Feed, originally published in 2003, will be receiving a movie adaptation with Stanley Kalu set to write and direct what would be his feature film debut.

Published as it was in the early 2000s, the story of Feed seems almost prophetic now, as the story features a world where the Internet, and the consumerism that goes with it, is fed directly into the human brain via a special device and is known as the “feed.” This has created a society where everyone is permanently wired into the Internet and connected in a way that can never be shut off.

Background aside, the plot of Feed specifically focuses on the star-crossed love story between Titus Gray who uses the feed without question, and Violet Durn, a social outcast who resists using the feed and doesn’t like what it does.

There’s no time table as to when Feed will enter production, but it will certainly be exciting to see this story brought to life.

What do you think of Feed being adapted into a movie?

SOURCEThe Hollywood Reporter
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