The Casual Cinecast reviews They Shall Not Grow Old, talks Academy Awards announcements, & more!

Before getting into the main review, the show starts off with a segement called “What’s on Our Minds!”, which is where the hosts discuss whatever they’ve watched, read, or done that week! This week Chris published his first written review for Cold Pursuit, the new Liam Neeson revenge movie out this week. Also after he was shamed on the show last week, Chris finally watched the delightful classic Singin’ in the Rain. The question is… did he love it? 

Meanwhile, Mike caught the Oscar-nominated documentary Free Solo in IMAX last week. He also watched the director’s cut of Zodiac, for the first time in many years. Justin and Chris were able to catch the Japanese classic Rashamon in a theater last week. And Justin talks about his film Camino being released on Amazon! Then the guys break down their thoughts on the recent controversy surrounding the controversial changes being made to the Academy Awards broadcast this year.

Then Justin, Mike and Chris move into a feature review of They Shall Not Grow Old, the new documentary from Peter Jackson. This film is made up entirely of remastered and touched up footage from World War I. Jackson and his team worked very hard to bring these old images to life in exciting new ways, such as 3D, colorization and more. The film was met with high praise when the studio held special event screenings back in December, and has since been brought back to theaters for a more traditional wide release. Do these effots in touching up the old film footage add anything new, or is it simply a novelty? Find out what we thought in our episode! 

Do you agree or disagree with their take? Let us know in the comments below or let Mike, Chris and Justin know on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram at @casualcinecast! 

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