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The Problems with Directors’ Cuts

This month we’re looking at contemporary trends in social media which have damaged the perception of film as both a form of art and...

The Casual Cinecast reviews They Shall Not Grow Old, talks Academy...

It's not very often the Casual Cinecast does a documentary as their main review, but They Shall Not Grow Old was just too interesting to pass up. Mike, Justin and Chris head to the theater to see Peter Jackon's new World War I documentary, as it has (finally) gotten a proper theatrical release! There are also some opinions in regards to the Academy Awards 2019 announcements last week, and more!

10 of the Most Unforgettable Plot Twists In Film

We examine ten of the most unforgettable plot twists in the history of cinema, and what makes them so effective.

10 Best Anti-Establishment Films

Some of the most influential films in history have been the ones that push back against the establishment. Here’s a look at our picks for the ten best films which most effectively fight “the man”.

David Fincher Has Some Criticism for the MCU

Oscar winning director David Fincher has some criticisms for Marvel Studios and the MCU regarding their style of filmmaking. He feels that the MCU should adopt a new style that is “thoughtful, adult, interesting, complex, and challenging”

Paramount CEO Confirms David Fincher as World War Z 2 Director

A recent interview with the newly hired Paramount Pictures CEO has confirmed rumors that World War Z 2 was on track with David Fincher as its director.  More details below.

The 10 Best Opening Shots in Film

The opening shot of a movie is the audience's first impression, and we've all been told how important first impressions can be. These are our picks for the best 10 opening shots of feature films.

The 10 Best Opening Title Sequences in Film

Title sequences don’t have to be boring. They can be just as exciting, creative, or innovative as the films they introduce. These are our picks for the 10 best opening title sequences of feature films.

David Fincher & Ben Affleck Teaming for Strangers on a Train...

Some exciting news has come in that the Gone Girl team is currently working together to bring a modernized version of Alfred Hitchcock's classic, Strangers on a Train, to the big screen.  Come inside for all the details. 

Relive the Excitement as Gone Girl Comes to Blu-Ray in January

One of the year's best movies (if not THE best film fo the year) is set to hit blu-ray in January.  20th Century Fox has announced the home entertainment release of Gone Girl so you can enjoy the film again and again, while also detailing all the bonuses that come included on the disc. 

New Avatar Comic Takes the Story Beyond the First Film

Dark Horse has announced a brand new Avatar comic mini-series that will partially fill the gap between the James Cameron's first movie and the...