Final Fantasy IX is Reportedly Getting Animated Series Adaptation

A deal for an animated series adaptation of Final Fantasy IX has been finalized between Square Enix and Paris-based Cyber Group Studios, according to a report by Kidscreen.

CEO of Cyber Group Studios Pierre Sissmann said the company is putting the finishing touches on the project bible and will begin pitching the show to broadcasters in the coming months. Sissmann is quoted saying the goal is to begin production on the show by the end of the year or early 2022 and that episode count and length have not been finalized yet.

Final Fantasy IX first launched in 2000 on the PlayStation.

“The games have a strong co-viewing potential. For those who do know Final Fantasy IX, this will be an [introduction],” Sissmann said. “And for the many who don’t, this will immerse them in a universe they’ll love.”

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