Loki Will Return for Season 2

On top Loki bringing a stellar finale today, the series also becomes the first of Marvel’s live-action shows to get a confirmed second season.

If you haven’t watched the finale of Loki just yet, don’t stress, I won’t be spoiling anything here. I mean, sure, technically this news is coming from the episode’s mid-credits sequence, but it’s literally just a title card, so still not ruining any story details.

Yes, Loki will be back for a season 2. This marks the first of Marvel’s live action shows (from WandaVision and Falcon and Winter Solider) to be confirmed to go for another season. While I’m sure we’ll those characters from other shows pop up in NEW series, it’s still an exciting thing to know about.

Loki has been incredible, so knowing it’s getting a follow-up season is great news, indeed. No other details are currently announced, though I suspect we’ll see the bulk of the main cast return. Hopefully we’ll learn more about season 2 (like a release window) soon!

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