Star Wars: The High Republic is Getting a VR Game (Exclusive)

While details are slim, we’ve heard word about what form the rumored Star Wars: The High Republic video game tie-in could take.

[Update 10/29/2020: News has arrived that confirms this report!]

Just a little over a week ago, Lucasfilm pulled the curtain back on Project Luminous, revealing a brand new era within the Star Wars galaxy: The High Republic. Though primarily a publishing initiative, it establishes an unexplored period of time that is RIPE with storytelling potential.

In the lead up to the reveal event, there’d been a number of rumors pointing to Project Luminous being more of a multi-media endeavor with other tie-ins beyond the books and comics. One of the things mentioned, and something I had heard as well beforehand, was that a possible video game tie-in.

There was no word on what type of video game it would be, nor who would be developing it. Since The High Republic reveal event the other week, there’s been no mention of a game, but I DID manage to hear a sliver of new information about it. I’ve heard from a couple independent sources there is, in fact, a High Republic video game in the works and that it’s a VR project.

And…welp, that’s about it. I’ve been digging for more information over the last couple days, but this is far from the first time I’ve heard about a new Star Wars VR project which would likely be in the same vein as Vader Immortal (though that’s more of an educated guess).

I wish I had more details, but even between my sources details were scant. While I’m not terribly excited about another VR project (they’re cool as hell, but I don’t have a system for it), I’m definitely excited to see more of this era explored down the road in as many ways as possible. Even so, I’m crossing my fingers for a more traditional High Republic video game in the near future…

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