Arcade1Up Reveals First Sitdown Driving Game Cabinet!

This holiday season, Arcaed1Up is releasing a brand new Outrun arcade cabinet, marking the first time they’ve launched a sit down driving cabinet!

Arcade1Up continues to bring the goods with their slate of recreation cabinets. They offer gamers the chance to bring their favorite retro-classic arcade games into their homes without the many thousands of dollars normally needed to do so. Today brings another first for the company, in the form of a new racing cabinet!

While it’s smaller, the Outrun cabinet will let players recreate that sit down, arcade driving experience. The cabinet includes a total of four games to play: Outrun, Turbo Outrun, Outrunners, and Power Drift.

This cabinet is set to release this Holiday season, which would make for one Hell of a Christmas gift. It’s currently up for sale directly through the Arcade1Up site, with other retailers coming later this year.