Death Waltz Recording Co. to Release ‘Dredd’ Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on Vinyl

Death Waltz Recording Co. and 2000AD have partnered together for the re-release of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for DREDD which will be widely available on vinyl for the first time in 10 years and will be exclusively available through Mondo.

The soundtrack to the cult classic Karl Urban film features massive hits from BAFTA award-winning and Emmy Nominated composer Paul Leonard-Morgan. Paul’s score is an absolute beast of electro, industrial and rock tracks, and to help celebrate this milestone of the film, the vinyl comes with an extra disc that provides remixes from Mogwai, John Tejada and P.T. Adamczyk of the following tracks “Ma-Ma’s Requiem”, “Anderson’s Theme” and “She’s a Pass” as well as three beautiful neo-classical piano reinterpretations from Paul Leonard-Morgan. The soundtrack was made available for pre-order in November 2022.

Side A:
1. She’s A Pass – Paul Leonard-Morgan (3:16)
2. Mega City One – Paul Leonard-Morgan (3:13)
3. The Plan – Paul Leonard-Morgan (2:36)
4. The Rise of Ma-Ma – Paul Leonard-Morgan (1:55)
5. Anderson’s Theme – Paul Leonard-Morgan (2:36)
6. Lockdown – Paul Leonard-Morgan (2:46)
7. Cornered – Paul Leonard-Morgan (2:17)
8. Kay Escapes – Paul Leonard-Morgan (3:16)
9. Mini-Guns – Paul Leonard-Morgan (2:46)
9. Undefined Space – Paul Leonard-Morgan (1:17)
Side B:
1. Bad Judges – Paul Leonard-Morgan (2:03)
2. Judgement Time – Paul Leonard-Morgan (1:52)
3. Hiding Out – Paul Leonard-Morgan (2:23)
4. Order in the Chaos – Paul Leonard-Morgan (1:16)
5. Slo-Mo – Paul Leonard-Morgan (1:27)
6. Taking Over Peach Trees – Paul Leonard-Morgan (1:27)
7. It’s All a Deep End – Paul Leonard-Morgan (2:20)
8. Judge, Jury and Executioner – Paul Leonard-Morgan (2:18)
9. Any Last Requests – Paul Leonard-Morgan (3:25)
10. You Look Ready– Paul Leonard-Morgan (1:38)
11. Ma-Ma’s Requiem – Paul Leonard-Morgan (3:37)
12. Apocalyptic Wasteland – Paul Leonard-Morgan (2:24)
Side C:
1. Ma-Ma’s Requiem – Paul Leonard-Morgan Remix (6:55)
2. Anderson’s Theme – John Tejada Remix (4:57)
3. She’s A Pass – P.T. Adamczyk Remix (4:47)
4. She’s A Pass – Mogwai Remix (4:42)
Side D:
1. Ma-Ma’s Requiem – Piano Version (4:48)
2. Order In The Chaos – Piano Version (4:38)
3. She’s A Pass – Piano Version (4:50)
Will you be picking up the Dredd soundtrack on vinyl?
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