Hasbro Reveals New Star Wars Toys During Celebration

During their panel at Star Wars Celebration, Hasbro revealed a slew of upcoming action figures for Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Mandalorian, and more!

To be entirely honest, I’m kinda blown away by what Hasbro brought to Star Wars Celebration. Their presentation is exactly what many of us collectors have been wanting to see from their various livestreams for years now. There’s a variety of figures, cool new surprises, and timely reveals (beyond the LOLA toys shown earlier yesterday). Let’s break it down:

Let’s talk about The Vintage Collection (3.75 inch) figures first!

There’s Antoc Merrick’s R2 unit that will also fit inside the Antoc X-wing that released this past year. A new “troop builder” 4-pack, this time featuring the Rebel Soldiers from the Battle of Hoth. The “Wandering Jedi” Obi-Wan Kenobi from the new show. And there’s this incredible looking Dark Trooper figure. Even better, this one comes with a little container that you can put together and create your own little housing area like we saw in The Mandalorian season 2.

If that’s not enough for you, gaming collector’s also got their first look at toys from the newly announced Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game. This will launch as a three-pack to include the Riot Scout Trooper, KX Security Droid, and MagnaGuard action figures.

While the new Obi-Wan figure, and Jedi: Survivor pack are set to arrive this Fall, the rest are set to hit in Spring 2023.

Now, onto the Black Series (6 inch) which are my personal favorites to collect. While previously announced, Hasbro gave our first look at the upcoming Aayla Secura figure, finally giving us more Prequel era Jedi who aren’t dudes. We also got a look at the previously announced Darth Maul figure, utilizing his appearance from the final season of The Clone Wars—of course I’m always down for more Maul toys. Greef Carga is getting an updated figure to match his look from season two of The Mandalorian, and the Gaming Greats line is getting the Riot Control Scout Trooper from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor!

Fans who enjoyed the new villains from the Obi-Wan Kenobi series also got a treat with the reveal of new figures (on top of the previously announced Reva figure) based on the Inquisitors seen in the show; the Grand Inquisitor, the Fourth Sister, and Fifth Brother! Definitely loving the looks of these, and as someone who primarily collects villain related toys, I’m all kinds of excited to see them.

Lastly in the Black Series line, is probably my favorite reveal so far: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader Concept Art Edition (Shop Disney Exclusive). Some of my favorite toys in the past were the old Ralph McQuarrie concept art figures (from the 30th Anniversary line). They took the look from the original paintings and brought them to life. As such, seeing that idea come to the Black Series line is a huge deal for me. I only hope this is the start of many more Concept Art editions to come.

All of the Black Series figures are slated to arrive in Spring 2023. Even better, aside from the Concept Art one, none of these are exclusives! So you’ll actually have a decent shot of snagging them when pre-orders for all these go live on June 1st at 1pm ET.

Which of these new figures are you most excited to pick up?

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