Toy Fair 2018 Reveals More Incredible Star Wars Toys

While last week brought us our first look at some of the Solo: A Star Wars Story toys (which you’ll see a couple new ones here), this weekend Hasbro revealed more from their upcoming line of Star Wars toys that include characters from the other films as well…all of which are looking amazing.  Let’s start off with some of the 6 inch Black Series line: 

The new Black Series figures are looking better than ever, with the sculpts seemingly pulled straight from the big screen and into your hands. Though I haven’t been big on the “Centerpiece” series (immovable figures that look cool), I can’t deny how neat the new Kylo Ren one is. I’m REALLY loving the new Holdo figure, the Hoth Leia from Empire Strikes Back, and the Gamorrean Guard.  Definitely going to have to snag those. 

The other cool stuff they showed off are the first round of figures from the (thankfully) returning Vintage Collection line. These figures are packaged to resemble the original toy lines and are much more detailed 3.75 inch toys. I, like may collectors, have been eagerly awaiting this return: 

These are looking great, and the inclusion of the comic book character Aphra gives me hope of seeing more book/comic related characters finally in toy form.  My wallet is already hurting, but there are some other nifty odds and ends they revealed that are worth checking out: 

What do you think of all these upcoming Star Wars toys?  Which will you be picking up later this year?