Focal Point: Never Too Old For Christmas

Everyone who knows me, will be fairly quick to tell you that I’m just a big kid at heart.  It’s not a bad thing, and I’ve never looked at it that way either.  I love enjoying the things that I do, even more so now that I have kids I can enjoy those things with.  I love playing toys with them, talking about movies, and yes, even sitting down to do some coloring with them.  Growing up doesn’t have to be boring.  Just saying.  

Christmas is right around the corner, and like any other Kid-dult out there, I’m pretty darn excited.  While the majority of my fun comes from seeing the kiddos unwrap their gifts, no one can deny it’s a treat to get some goodies on Christmas morning.  I feel this week’s new strip adequately captures my child-like enjoyment of the holiday.  

Focal Point Christmas

Frankly speaking, this shouldn’t surprise anyone.  My Christmas wishlist in my adult years has remained almost EXACTLY the same as those in my younger days.  When family or friends ask me what I want for Christmas, I inevitably tell them the same thing: Star Wars stuff.  Seriously, it was true when I was 8 and it’s just as accurate now.  Some just seem to find it funny that both me and the kids ask for toys!  

My girlfriend, Holly, seems to be continually amused by this and after a few Christmas’ together has come to the realization that I’m really NOT growing out of it.  During this time of year, I’ve heard her remark more frequently on how she has FOUR kids (instead of 3) to keep in line!  She says this out of love, though, and frankly, I can’t deny the truth in the statement.  

With a new Star Wars movie only days away at the time of this post, it feels like Christmas is coming early.  I can’t stress enough the excitement I have for it, and even the joy of seeing presents under the tree seem to pale in comparison.  

What do you guys like to do for Christmas?  What gets you in the Holiday spirit? 

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