Focal Point: The Gamer Parent Conundrum

Oh my goodness!  That’s two comic strips in a row delivered on time!  What strange sorcery is this?  As I said last time, things have changed and our focus on scheduling and organization are actually working.  But that’s not the point…let’s talk about gaming and kids. In short, gaming with kids isn’t all that easy.  That’s sort of a no-brainer though, and any parent can tell you that doing just about ANYTHING in general is a lot more difficult with younglings around.  But we adapt and survive, though the issue seems compounded with the more kids you have in the house.  Currently there are three kiddos occupying our household and I love them to death…

Gamer Parent Problems

Frankly speaking, I don’t like to play video games in the house with the kids around.  Not because they get in the way, but because I want them to see me be more active and doing other things.  Setting a better example, and showing that games shouldn’t be the only thing they do.  Occasionally, however, I’ll break down and spend some time with my home consoles. 

These days, being that all the kids are a little older and playing some games of their own, it’s not as difficult as it was when my boy was two or three years old.  In fact, they’re pretty damn good about not interfering and letting me get some game time in.  The problem, however, is immersion.  Or rather, the LACK OF immersion.  With three kids hovering around you, eager and anxious to see the game, getting sucked into the story just doesn’t happen.  

For instance, my latest game of choice has been Rocksteady’s amazing Batman: Arkham Knight, the highlight of which is absolutely the story.  It’s dark, gritty with some neat and very personal twists.  While I don’t let the kids watch that one much, when I do, I only run around the city.  There’s no reason to do something story related when the kiddos have you surrounded and bombarding you with questions about what you’re doing.  It’s just not gonna work.  Something like Destiny, however, which seems to AVOID story at all costs is no big deal and relatively easy to play around with.  

The comic strip is fairly accurate in terms of how the kids gravitate towards me when gaming happens.  Seriously, it’s like they have a sixth sense when it comes to technology (and candy).  The minute I so much as look at a console controller, they just start showing up.  We live in a two story house.  I can hear them playing upstairs, and as soon as I turn on the system, like magic, they all flock down the stairs.  Honestly it’s impressive and a little scary.  But they love it and I love the chance to hang out with them and have them all gathered close around me.  

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