The ‘Sweet Valley Twins’ Series is Getting a Graphic Novel Adaptation

The Sweet Valley Twins book series is getting a new lease on life with a graphic novel adaptation.

Random House announced on Tuesday that the Sweet Valley Twins series is being adapted into a graphic novel series by Random House Graphics. The first book in the series, Best Friends, is an adaptation of the first Sweet Valley Twins book that was originally published in 1986.

Writer Nicole Andelfinger (Lumberjanes: A Midsummer Night’s Scheme) and artist Claudia Aguirre (Lost on Planet Earth) will be the creative team behind the adaptations. Sweet Valley Twins #1 Best Friends is scheduled to be released on November 1st and will be available in both trade paperback and hardcover formats. The second book, Teacher’s Pet, will be published in 2023.

Sweet Valley Twins #1 Best Friends is summarized as follows:

In Sweet Valley Twins #1 Best Friends, “Jessica and Elizabeth are ready to take on middle school . . . but are they ready to take on each other? Jessica and Elizabeth have always been inseparable, but starting middle school means a chance for new beginnings. Elizabeth is excited to organize a school newspaper, but Jessica is more interested in joining the exclusive Unicorn Club. Middle school is hard enough, but with these twins each dealing with becoming their own person, will they be able to stay friends?”

Sweet Valley Twins #1 Best Friends will be released on November 1, 2022.
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