My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

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Deku and the rest of the heroes of Class 1-A must save a group of islanders from a powerful villain.
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February 2

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is the second film to be based on the My Hero Academia manga. It follows Deku and the 1-A class as they work to protect the residents of Nabu Island. It seems like a completely routine job, as the island is practically free of crime. However, everything changes when a group of villains arrive on the island, determined to locate two particular children for the quirks they might possess.

Having never seen any part of My Hero Academia before, I was excited to check out this movie. I was briefly worried that not having seen any episodes before, that I wouldn't be able to follow the action during the film. Thankfully, the filmmakers covered for this possibility by dropping enough backstory details throughout the film that even a newcomer to the franchise won't have too much trouble following the story. Though I will admit, I'm still not entirely sure who Nine and the other villains are, and I'm certain watching the series would help a great deal in that area.

The film is full of some great moments, each bigger than the last. There are several epic fight sequences between Deku, the various heroes, and Nine and his compatriots. The fights are complex, fast-paced, but surprisingly easy to follow (especially considering this is my first encounter with so many characters). It was also fascinating to see so many quirks in action. In fact, the way the film is laid out, it's pretty easy to figure out which quirk does what, another detail that I liked about the film. Each character stands out in their own way, and I really liked that. Some of the quirks are really funny (for instance, one hero can shoot a beam out of his belly button). But my favorite has to be Tsuyu Asui, whose quirk gives her froggy abilities.

There is one detail in this movie that bothers me. Towards the end of the film, there's a rather touching moment between Deku and Bakugo that actually had me tearing up. I won't spoil the moment, but it involved Deku's quirk, the One-For-All. It was actually a pretty powerful scene but it's almost completely undone by the end of the film. I understand that this film takes place in the middle of the series' fourth season, but it still rankles me that the film would include a moment like this only to undo it and render it essentially meaningless.


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My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising
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All in all, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, is a great film with a lot of fun moments and thrilling action scenes. If you're a fan of the series, you will definitely love this film. Even if you haven't seen anything related to My Hero Academia before, you're probably going to love this story anyway, it's just a lot of fun from beginning to end.
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