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New Images Revealed for Catwoman: Hunted

With just a couple months to go before release, Warner Bros Animation and DC have revealed new images for Catwoman: Hunted. The upcoming, anime-esque...

Catwoman: Hunted Gets First Trailer

Catwoman: Hunted, DC's first animated movie to be released in 2022, has gotten its first trailer. The action-packed, anime-style film follows Catwoman as she...

Tuesday Toy Review: Catwoman, Yoda, and Gipsy Danger


So a cat barglar, a Jedi master and a giant robot walk into a bar. So we are back and closing out the new year with a menagerie of figures. Catwoman is an improvement in this line, Yoda is needing some impovements, but the Gipsy Danger is spot on!

New Star Wars Book ‘Crimson Climb’ On the Way from E.K....

Fans of Qi'Ra and Crimson Dawn will soon get the chance to see more of Qi'Ra's backstory in a new novel from E.K. Johnston It...