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Looking Back At Female Led Super Hero Films and TV Shows

Wonder Woman opened to stellar reviews this weekend and will no doubt be a huge financial hit. In honor of the Princess of the Amazons being the one to break the DCEU losing streak, Cinelinx looks back at the history of live-action superhero TV shows and movies with female leading characters.   

Warner Bros. Brings Back David Ayer and Margot Robbie for Gotham...

DC and Warner Bros. are working on uniting another group of misfits to the big screen.  This time, it's the all-female trio of Gotham City villains.  Find out more information about Gotham City Sirens, and even a potential Deadshot film in the works, after the drop!

Double Duty: 9 Actors who’ve Played Both Marvel and DC Characters

Daredevil moonlighting as Batman? For some actors, one comic book character isn’t enough, nor is one comic publisher. Some actors have jumped the fence between Marvel and DC, playing characters from both companies.

Tuesday Toy Review: Catwoman, Yoda, and Gipsy Danger

So a cat barglar, a Jedi master and a giant robot walk into a bar. So we are back and closing out the new year with a menagerie of figures. Catwoman is an improvement in this line, Yoda is needing some impovements, but the Gipsy Danger is spot on!


As the end of the 75th Anniversary of Batman rolls around, DC Comics gives us a week full of gifts concentrated on the Dark Knight and his beloved family of crime fighters. It’s been a hard year for our Caped Crusader as he’s dealt with the death of his son and the change from Dick Grayson being a super hero to embracing the role of government agent. We also get some action from femme fatales Helena Bertinelli and Catwoman as they cross paths with dangerous enemies in their different and complex walks of life.

Graphic Review: Batman and Robin Volume 4: Requiem for Damian

I loved the character of Damian Wayne. He was sassy, rebellious, and gave the greatest super hero in the DC Universe a run for his money. Imagine an eleven-year-old already as angry, bitter, and vengeful as an adult Bruce Wayne. The sparks that flew between the latest incarnation of Batman and Robin were legendary. And it all came to a tragic end much too soon. Batman and Robin Volume 4: Requiem for Damian deals with the aftermath of Death of a Family and shows a Dark Knight struggling to come to grips with his emotions and guilt.

Graphic Review: Catwoman Volume 2: Dollhouse

Catwoman Volume 2: Dollhouse consists of issues #7 through 12 of DC Comics' New 52 monthly title. Writer Judd Winick continues penning the tales with artist Adriana Melo favorably handling a majority of the penciling. Guillem March steps in to illustrate for a couple of issues in the middle.

Comic Book Superheroes Take Up Battle Against Human Trafficking

In the past couple of years, sex and human trafficking has been brought to the attention of the public thanks to Hollywood and indie filmmakers. Movies like Taken, Machine Gun Preacher, The Whistleblower, The Girl Who Played With Fire, and Trade all do their best to bring the subject into the light as a serious global problem. Recently, comic books have entered into the fight to bring awareness to this horrific crime against humanity.

WB Unveils the First Official Image of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman...

The final costume puzzle piece in The Dark Knight Rises has been unveiled; Anne Hathaway as Catwoman!

Focal Point: The Bare Necessities

In these trying times it's important to stick to only the essentials, and important concept in this week's Focal Point comic! We're back this...