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‘Cloverfield’ Receives Stunning Steelbook Release for Its 15th Anniversary

Fans of Cloverfield will soon have a special steelbook to celebrate the film's upcoming anniversary. Cloverfield celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2023. Fans can celebrate...

Babak Anvari Tapped to Direct New Cloverfield Movie for Paramount

This morning brings exciting news, as Paramount is pushing forward with a new Cloverfield movie with a director already in place! My love of...

Alien Invasion Movie Cliches

Alien invasion movies tend to have a lot of things in common with each other. This article investigates the source of those commonalities and...

The 10 Best Alien Invasion Movies

With the upcoming release of A Quiet Place II, we take a look at the ten best alien invasion films released so far.  The premise...

New Stranger Things Anthology Comic Launching in February

Get ready to return to Hawkins with all new stories early next year with a new Stranger Things comic series coming from Dark Horse....