Trailer and 4K/Blu-Ray Details for Superman: Man of Tomorrow Revealed

Warner Bros. and DC have pulled the curtain back on their next full-length animated film, Superman: Man of Tomorrow with a swanky trailer. While...

New “DC Showcase” animated shorts coming from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, in partnership with DC, are currently in production on five new DC Showcase animated shorts for...

Batman vs. TMNT: First Trailer and 4K/Blu-Ray Release Details Revealed

The Dark Knight meets up with the Heroes in a Half-Shell in the newest animated movie from DC Animation arriving later this year. Come inside for all the details on the 4K release and check out the first trailer!

DC’s Reign of the Supermen Blu-Ray Release Date And Details Revealed

The follow up to DC Animation's Death of Superman film, Reign of the Supermen, now has a release date for fans to look forward to, along with a new trailer, and details on the blu-ray's special features. Come inside for all the details! 

Constantine: City of Demons Blu-Ray Details Revealed

Hellblazer is back with an all new, R-rated, animated film coming to blu-ray this October, and you can watch the first trailer right here. 

DC Animation’s The Death of Superman Gets a Release Date and...

While we got our first trailer for the new animated adpatation of the classic Death of Superman story, today gives fans a release date, box art, and blu-ray details to enjoy. Come inside to take a gander!

Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay Gets a Trailer and Blu-Ray Release...

DC/WB has debuted the first trailer for their next animated film staring the worst heroes ever, along with details on the blu-ray's release date and special features.  Come inside to check it all out!  

Gotham By Gaslight Blu-Ray Release Date and Special Features Revealed

With a trailer to give fans a look at the upcoming Elseworlds animated Batman adventure, WB Animation has announced when fans will be able to get the Gotham By Gaslight blu-ray, along with all the special features coming with it.  Come inside for all the details!

Adam West Returns as Batman in Batman vs. Two-Face

DC and Warner Bros. are set to give us an all-new 1966 Batman animated movie starring Adma West and William Shatner.


Justice League: The New Frontier Commemorative Edition Arrives in October

This morning, Warner Bros. announced a new blu-ray version of the animated Justice League movie originally release back in 2008; complete with a collectible steelbook version and a new featurette.  Come inside for all the details!  

Viotek Reveals Massive 49-Inch Monitor

Get ready to give your eyeballs a treat and take your gaming and creativity to the next level with the latest ultra-wide Monitor from...