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The Genesis of Pixar

Pixar may have been founded in 1986, but its origin actually took place 7 years prior. Join us as we honor Pixar on its...

Knights of the Old Republic Project in Development at Disney; Details...

Star Wars Celebration gave us loads of amazing content to pine after for months.  We received a trailer for a new story-driven game in...

The Mandalorian Officially Reveals a Stacked Cast

Lucasfilm has officially announced some of the cast members for Jon Favreau's The Mandalorian TV series, confirming some rumors and throwing in unexpected goodness like Werner Herzog and Giancarlo Esposito. Come inside for the full announcement!

The Casual Cinecast reviews Solo: A Star Wars Story and ranks...

Justin, Chris and Mike discuss whether of not Solo: A Star Wars Story lives up to the legend, then we rank every Star Wars movie from favorite to least favorite!

Solo: A Star Wars Story Will Be Presented at Cannes Film...

With Solo: A Star Wars Story set to release in theaters next month, Disney is hoping to create some positive buzz by showing it off at the illustrious Cannes Film Festival!

Game of Thrones TV Show Creators Are Developing A Star Wars...

The two men responsible for creating Game of Thrones on HBO are being handed the keys to their own Star Wars film series!  More within!

The First Solo: A Star Wars Story Teaser Has Arrived

Last night, we got our first look at Solo: A Star Wars Story, during the Super Bowl.  While that was a series of shots, the teaser that aired this morning on Good Morning America gave us a little more insight into the exploits of the galaxy's favorite scoundrel!  Take a look!

Live-Action Star Wars Show Being Developed for Disney’s Streaming Service

On top of a handful of other shows in the works, Disney is planning to pad out their new streaming service with a live-action Star Wars show.  Come inside for a little more info!

New Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer Debuts Tomorrow

We're getting the next full-length trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi tomorrow!  Find out when and where to watch within!

Colin Trevorrow Out As Star Wars: Episode IX Director

Yet another directorial ousting has happened at Lucasfilm.  This time its Episode IX director, Colin Trevorrow, getting the axe.  Come inside for more.

Everything Is Canon: Star Wars: Doctor Aphra

In this episode of "Everything is Canon", Steve is joined by author Sarah Kuhn as they discuss her brand-new audio drama "Star Wars: Doctor...