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Arcade1Up Brings NFL Blitz Back From the Sidelines

Arcade1Up has revealed their latest arcade cabinet will bring back another classic sports title players haven't been able to enjoy for a couple decades:...

Arcade1Up Brings Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Into Your Homes This Fall

Arcade1Up has announced a new fighting game cabinet for gamers, allowing fans to bring Marvel vs. Capcom 2 into their homes for the first...

This Mass Effect Demake is What Dreams Are Made Of

The animation people over on 64 Bits have released a new short, showcasing what Mass Effect might be like if it were made for...

5 Retro Baddies We Love To Hate


Many retro games are notoriously difficult and avoiding imminent death is common place when playing a game like Battletoads or Altered Beast. Here we shine the spotlight on 5 Retro pests that further amped up the difficulty and perhaps caused us to sprout a few grey hairs.

Joel, Ellie, and More Come to Life in New Last of...

One show that gamers and geeks are excited to start is for sure The Last of Us live-action series. In the latest tease, HBO...