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DC Comics and LEGO Artist Nathan Sawaya Team Up

Warner Brothers Consumer Products and LEGO brick artist, Nathan Sawaya are joining forces to bring the world’s largest collection of DC Comics-related LEGO art.

Toy Review Tuesday: SDCC Exclusive Transformers Devastator Final Review

This week's new episode of Toy Review Tuesday is wrapping up our coverage of Hasbro's insanely big (and awesome) Combiner Wars Devastator figure that was exclusive to SDCC this year.  Come inside to check out the final verdict.  

SDCC Devastator Review Part 3 and 4: Bonecrusher and Scavenger

Moving on to parts 3 and 4 of my SDCC Devastator gestalt get us focused on Bonecrusher and Scavenger who form the arms of the huge bot. Only 2 reviews till my big time review of the whole thing. Seriously if you see the rgualr version in stores pick him up he's very solid.

Toy Review Tuesday: SDCC Exclusive Devastator Part 1 & 2

SDCC's big Transformer exclusive (and we mean BIG), came in the form of the Combiner Wars Devastator, comprised of multiple different Transformers.  Today's new episode of Toy Review Tuesday tackles the first couple figures.  Come inside to watch!

San Diego Comic Con Needs To Expand Beyond The Convention Center

San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) has come and gone and with it came lots of exciting news for geeks, nerds, or whatever you want to call us. We saw movie trailers, stars do funny stuff, and cosplay galore. Yet one thing seems to be scratching a few people the wrong way, leaked trailers. With dozens of sites and outlets looking to grab the scoop, someone, somewhere snuck a camera in and captured it. Is it wrong? Or should studios finally explore something bigger… like E3?

SCNS Live: S4 EP 18 – SDCC Postgame

This week's new episode of the Super Cool Nerd Show is all about wrapping up, and talking about our adventures from San Diego Comic Con, including videos from our time there, the favorite things we saw, and more.  Come inside to watch!

A LEGO Brickumentary Interview

During our time at San Diego Comic-Con, we got the chance to sit down with the directors of the LEGO BRICKUMENTARY and a LEGO brick artist. Come inside to check out the interviews!

Impractical Jokers Joe Gatto and James Murray Chat With Us at...

While enjoying ourselves at SDCC, we got the chance to chat it up with the improv guys from Impractical Jokers in a different kind of interview that only these guys could pull off.  Come inside to check it out!

SDCC Is Still Relevant, But Not For the Same Reasons

Between major movie studios passing up the event, footage being released online (or leaked), and a general lack of MAJOR reveals, this year’s SDCC felt a little more subdued than usual.  As it has over the past years, discussion about the continued relevancy of San Diego Comic-Con has been tossed.  I think that’s a little over dramatic, but not entirely off the mark.  SDCC is still an important event, though not for the same reasons.  

The Rooster Teeth Crew Talk About Lazer Team at SDCC 2015

During our time at San Diego Comic-Con, I got the chance to talk with Matt Hullum, Burnie Burns, Colton Dunn, and Alan Ritchson from Rooster Teeth about their first full length movie, Lazer Team.  Come inside to see what they had to say!

Everything Is Canon: We Could Be Heroes

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks with author Mike Chen about his new book We Could Be Heroes! We Could Be Heroes...