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Toy Review Tuesday: SDCC Exclusive Transformers Devastator Final Review


This week's new episode of Toy Review Tuesday is wrapping up our coverage of Hasbro's insanely big (and awesome) Combiner Wars Devastator figure that was exclusive to SDCC this year.  Come inside to check out the final verdict.  

Toy Review Tuesday: SDCC Exclusive Devastator Part 1 & 2


SDCC's big Transformer exclusive (and we mean BIG), came in the form of the Combiner Wars Devastator, comprised of multiple different Transformers.  Today's new episode of Toy Review Tuesday tackles the first couple figures.  Come inside to watch!

Hasbro Reveals New Star Wars Toys at SDCC


Star Wars collectors had plenty to drool over this year at San Diego Comic-Con, as Hasbro took to the stage and revealed some stunning new six inch figures from their Black Series line, including ones from the cartoon series and the upcoming movie.  Now you can check out their reveals thanks to high-res images!  

First Look at Batman v Superman Toys Coming to SDCC


We know that WB is bringing Batman v. Superman to SDCC this year, but for toy fans and collectors, you'll also be able to get your hands on some exclusive toys based on the film.  Come inside to take a look at the new figures! 

Boxed Images of The Force Awakens Black Series Trooper


A couple weeks ago, leaked versions of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Stormtrooper from Hasbro's six inch The Black Series line hit eBay...and now images of the fully packaged toy have hit the net, and it's pretty incredible.  Come inside to take a gander.

New Stranger Things Anthology Comic Launching in February

Get ready to return to Hawkins with all new stories early next year with a new Stranger Things comic series coming from Dark Horse....