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What’s The Future of The Mandalorian and It’s Impact on Other...

Since the show’s very first chapter, The Mandalorian has been planting seeds for a larger story within the galaxy far, far away. Because of...

Guardians of Oa revealed in Green Lantern T-Shirt?

Fans are very hungry for Green Lantern news (myself included).  Since the teaser trailer came out, we haven't really gotten a whole lot of new information or pictures.  What we have gotten are merely stills from scenes in the trailer.  While this is all well and good, fans want more.  So today, it appears as though fans get a first look at the Guardians of Oa as they appear in the movie...in a T-shirt.

Does the new Spider-Man have web shooters?

The internet exploded yesterday as the first picture of the new Spider-Man outfit was officially released by Sony, and of course much speculation followed.  I've stared at this picture for quite some time, mostly trying to decide my thoughts on it.  After looking at it for so long, I noticed something that totally escaped me in that first "Oh wow, it's here" moment of looking...something on Spider-Man's wrists.  If my thoughts are correct, then this movie plans on being radically different than the first ones.

Blackout – Book Review

Beloved authors Dhonielle Clayton, Tiffany D. Jackson, Nic Stone, Angie Thomas, Ashley Woodfolk, and Nicola Yoon celebrate the beauty of Black love in Blackout,...