Prepare for Mayhem in New Borderlands Game Teaser

Gearbox is almost ready to reveal the next Borderlands game at PAX East, but fans get a little tease this morning to prepare for the mayhem. Come inside to check it out!

Axel and Blaze are Back in Action in First Gameplay Trailer...

The iconic beat 'em up franchise, Streets of Rage is returning with an all new entry and today brings fans the first look at the new title in action. Come inside to check it out!

Battle for the Throne in New Browser RTS Game

A new browser based RTS game, Winter Is Coming, has launched to give players the opportunity to battle through Westeros and claim the Iron Throne as your own. Come inside to learn more about the new Game of Thrones video game!

New Video Game Let’s You Play as Gollum Before The Hobbit

Middle-earth continues to expand as a new Lord of the Rings video game has been announced for next year, allowing gamers to explore the tragic story of Gollum before The Hobbit. Come inside to learn more!

Samurai Shodown Arrives on PS4 and Xbox One in June

One of the best weapon-based fighting games is making a comeback on Playstation 4 and Xbox One!  Check out the terrific-looking new trailer for Samurai Shodown.

New Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Trailer Showcases Card Battling...

Bandai Namco has released a brand new trailer for the new Dragon Ball card game coming to PC and Switch next month. Come inside to check it out! 

Rise From Every Fall in the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Launch...

FromSoftware's Japanese mythology-like epic, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is just a few days from its much anticipated release.  With it being so close, it's time to check out the launch trailer and see what's in store for us!  More within...

The RTS Genre Goes to the Stone Age Later This Month

Warparty, a new real-time strategy game, is coming out of Early Access to PC and consoles later this month, allowing you to coordinate massive battles with dinosaurs! Come inside to learn more. 

Past and Present Clash in the Mortal Kombat 11 Story Trailer

WB Games and NetherRealm Studios have unleashed the first story trailer for Mortal Kombat 11, revealing just how timey-wimey the 11th chapter is about to be.  More within...

Petroglyph Reveals First Look at Conan Unconquered Gameplay

The newest Conan the Barbarian game takes the iconic warrior into the RTS genre and today brings our first look at the game in action. Come inside to take a look!

Everything Is Canon: Star Wars: Doctor Aphra

In this episode of "Everything is Canon", Steve is joined by author Sarah Kuhn as they discuss her brand-new audio drama "Star Wars: Doctor...