Jurassic World Dominion’s Extended Edition 4K Release Still Rules | Review

This week, the “final” Jurassic World film launched on 4K Ultra HD, bringing with it an edition version of the film that manages to fix some minor issues.

Jurassic World Dominion hit theaters earlier this Summer, putting an endcap on not only the Jurassic World trilogy, but the entirety of the Jurassic franchise. Bringing back the beloved trio from the original film, the sprawling story saw everyone teaming up to save a world that’s been drastically changed by the introduction of ancient animals within the wild.

Jurassic World Dominion 4K Ultra HD
Directed By: Colin Trevorrow
Written By: Emily Carmichael, Colin Trevorrow
Starring: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Larra Dern, Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum
Release Date: August 16, 2022
Purchase [Affiliate Link]: https://amzn.to/3Qz7MPB

It wasn’t for everyone. That said, I absolutely loved it. Everything about it absolutely worked for me. I enjoyed the action, the dinosaurs felt genuinely terrifying, and seeing all my favorite characters together was a blast. Sure, there was a bit of nostalgia at play, but even upon multiple viewings, the joy I felt watching hasn’t faded.

I even loved the overall plot of the giant locusts potentially destroying the planet. I mean, it’s a pretty compelling plot point that feels like a natural progression of the Jurassic story (greedy business people doing anything to make more money regardless of the consequences). Combine all that with familiar faces and some intense dinosaur action…what’s not to love?!

Extended Edition

Of course, the big thing with this 4K Ultra HD release, is the inclusion of the Extended Edition version of the movie. This brings in a whopping 14 minutes of new footage integrated into the movie. Rather than making it feel bloated, however, the extra footage manages to smooth out some of the gripes I had with the theatrical release of the movie.

Granted, a bulk of the footage is given over to the alternate opening that you’ve likely already seen. The five-minute long prologuge (which was originally attached to IMAX screenings of F9 before releasing online during the holidays) is put back into the movie and takes audiences back to the age of dinosaurs.

While it may seem like an odd inclusion, it manages to set up the “rivalry” between the T-Rex and Giganotosaurus in a much better way. This makes the final battle make a bit more sense AND feel all the more satisfying.

The rest of the extra footage is sprinkled throughout the film, giving us a bit more time with Ellie, Alan, and Ian and mostly smoothing out some of the stranger/abrupt edits in the original release of the film. By and large, the Extended Edition does a great job of smoothing out some of the rough spots in the film, while providing a little more context to the larger plot.

It’s easily the best version of this movie you can watch, and I don’t think I’ll ever be going back to the theatrical cut. That said, if the film didn’t impress you before, the Extended Edition isn’t likely to change your mind. What’s added feels substantial and important, but only expands upon the ideas already presented.

Sight and Sound

In terms of Jurassic World Dominion‘s technical presentation, you’ll find no complaints from me. The 4K transfer is impressively handled here, allowing for deep blacks without crushing. The detail on the night time scenes is sharp and crisp, looking even better than when I saw it in theaters. All the colors pop, the detail on the dinosaur VFX shines through, and the overall clarity is on point.

On the surround sound side of things, I love how immersive it manages to feel. As the dinosaurs are chasing our heroes around, you can hear the sounds of them scrambling “behind” you, taking the tension to another level. All the while, the dialog is given the proper priority so nothing feels overwhelming.

Special Features

Jurassic World Dominion‘s 4K Ultra HD release includes a digital copy insert, a blu-ray copy of the film, and these bonus features on the disc:

EXTENDED VERSION – An extended cut of the film with 14 minutes of additional footage featuring more dinosaurs, action, iconic character moments and an alternate opening
BATTLE AT BIG ROCK – Directed by Colin Trevorrow, the short film takes place one year after the events of JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM in Big Rock National Park.
A NEW BREED OF VFX – VFX supervisor David Vickery and the magicians at ILM discuss the incredible visual effects work featured in JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION.

TOGETHER FOR THE FIRST TIME – Cast and filmmakers discuss the evolution of the franchise and the special union of characters from JURASSIC PARK and JURASSIC WORLD.
UNDERGROUND DINO MARKET – Join filmmakers for a tour of the amazing dino market set and discover how they brought it to life.
MAYHEM IN MALTA – A behind-the-scenes look at the Atrociraptor rooftop chase and Owen’s harrowing motorcycle ride through the narrow streets and alleyways of Malta.
SPIT TAKE: THE RETURN OF THE DILOPHOSAURUS – Live-action dinosaurs supervisor John Nolan and his team reveal how they created the impressive Dilophosaurus animatronic.
INSIDE THE DIMETRODON – Learn how the filmmaking team operated the terrifying Dimetrodon animatronic and hear from Laura Dern and Sam Neill on what it was like working with it.
CREATING A PLAGUE – Laura Dern and Bryce Dallas Howard discuss the enormous locusts featured in JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION and the creature effects team reveals how they were created and deployed.
PASSING THE BATA..N– Discover the craftsmanship behind the realistic-looking Beta animatronic and hear from Chris Pratt and Isabella Sermon on why they enjoyed working with it.
GIGA-BITE – Go behind the scenes with the cast of JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION as they are introduced to the biggest star of the film, the Giganotosaurus, for the very first time.
FINAL NIGHT – Witness the emotional final night of filming with the cast and crew of JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION.

If you haven’t seen the short film Battle at Big Rock yet, it’s pretty damn great and I’m glad to see it included in this release. The rest of the featurettes are pretty standard behind the scenes stuff, though the VFX doc is definitely something film nerds are going to enjoy.

By and large, there’s some solid stuff in here to provide extra bang for your buck. The inclusion of the Extended Edition and Battle at Big Rock are certainly the highlights of this release, however.

An Expanded Conclusion That Works
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