More The Mandalorian Characters Get the Funko Pop! Treatment

To end the year, Funko has officially revealed new Pop! figures based on characters from The Mandalorian which you’ll definitely want to snag in the New Year.

Personally speaking, one of the best things about The Mandalorian have been all the new characters introduced into Star Wars. My only gripe has been a severe lack of toys related to this awesome new show. Thankfully, Funko has already revealed toys for The Child coming up early next year, but now, just before the end of the year, they’ve revealed a slew of new Pop! figures for fans to pick up:

Personally speaking, I’m eyeballing that Armorer one pretty hard, but there’s a solid chance I’ll end up picking them all up. On top of these, there are some exclusives coming to Barnes & Noble, Walgreens, Amazon, Gamestop, and Target:

Sadly there’s no release date listed for these other than “Coming Soon,” but Funko tends to officially reveal products and release them within a narrow time frame. So you can look forward to seeing these fairly early in the New Year. Which of these are you looking forward to grabbing most?

The Mandalorian will return to Disney+ for a second season this upcoming Fall.

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