MS MARVEL May Introduce THE INHUMANS According To Reports

Even though it was extremely exciting to hear the Kamala Khan  would be getting her on show on Disney + in MS MARVEL there...

Ms. Marvel Is Reportedly Heading To Disney Plus

CAPTAIN MARVEL was a blockbuster success for Marvel Studios and now the superhero production studio is focusing on another marvelous hero. Marvel is according to...

Zen Studios to Release Marvel’s Women of Power Pinball Next Week

The powerful women of Marvel Comics are getting their very own pinball game from Zen Studios!  Check out the screenshots and find out what they're all about!

Picks From The Rack for July 27th 2016 Civil War 2,...

I'm back with Picks From The Rack. Lots of great books this week. Civil War 2 has the lines drawn and the fight ready to go down. Batgirl #1 has Barbara out of Burnside and planted in Tokyo for some self discovery and meeting and old friend. Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps has the Sinestro Corps enforcing the law as they see it and Hall on the search for the Corps. Titans #1 is a fun reintroduction to these longtime friends with the original Teen Titans. Nightwing #1 has Dick Grayson back in the classic costume and on his own once again showing why he's not Batman but his own man. Ms. Marvel #9 has Kamala seriously questioning Captain Marvel's orders to her and sets up the reasons behind the upcoming Champions book. Lastly Captain America #3 shows us why you should always trust Cap, you heard me, trust Steve. Let me know what you're reading and tell me what I should be reading. 

Marvel’s Young Heroes Get Their Own Book

Young super hero teams just work. They have a broad appeal and who doesn’t love the coming of age story. Look at some of the best comic book teams comprised of younger heroes. Teen Titans, Power Pack, New Mutants, Young Justice, Young Avengers you get the idea. With the recent reboot of the Marvel continuity it looks like they’re set to debut a team comprised of some of the newest and youngest members of the Marvel Universe. 

Picks From The Rack: Thor, Ms. Marvel, and Darth Vader

Let’s get this comic thing going. So it was a great week for books and let me tell you about them. So Thor #1 gets us back to this telling of Jane Foster as Thor. Considering it was revealed and then Secret Wars started it’s good to be getting back to this. Deadpool #2 is not shaping up to be your standard Deadpool book. Look there are twists in here that are really leaving us in the dark and I’m very curious what is going on. Secret Six #8 was slow but if Gail Simone is writing it I will be reading it. Hey I’m a fanboy for her stuff. Ms Marvel  #1 starts strong with Kamala Khan a full Avenger but still dealing with high school and other problems. Really funny book. And Vader Down #1 starts our fir crossover event in the Star Wars comic universe. We’re about to find out just how powerful Vader is as he squares off against a lot of the Rebellion. Seriously good stuff here.

Picks From The Rack: Star Wars, Ms. Marvel and More!

After a small break, Picks From the Rack is back this week to break down the biggest comic book releases, including the next step towards The Force Awakens in Star Wars: Shattered Empire, Ms. Marvel, and more!  Come inside to watch.

Picks From The Rack: Secret Wars, Thor, Ms. Marvel and More!

The Secret Wars continue in this week's new episode of Picks from the Rack along with a look at the latest issue of Darth Vader, and checking in on the ladies of Marvel with Thor and Ms. Marvel.  Come inside to watch! 

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