Cinelinx’s Geeky Gift Guide 2019

Sometimes, finding the perfect gift for the nerd in your life can be difficult. Movies don’t seem right, and neither do games…That’s where our Geek Wish List comes in!

It’s that time of year again when the weather gets cold, and the Christmas decorating/shopping has begun. If you have movie lovers, gamers, or nerds in general, on your shopping list the Cinelinx team is here to help you find the perfect gift with our annual gift guides.

Earlier this week, we presented you with our annual MOVIE and GAMING gift guides. If those weren’t enough and you’re still on the hunt for the perfect Christmas present this year, then perhaps our general Geek Wish List will be what’s in order!


Wacom’s Intuos Pro (Small) – Wacom has a number of handy products for creative nerds to take advantage of, but this year’s updated version of the Intuos Pro Small seems like an excellent gift. It comes in at a cheaper price point, but delivers on the quality with important new features.

Sideshow Collectibles Darth Maul – You know I can’t have a Christmas list without SOME Star Wars stuff on here! During SDCC, Sideshow collectibles revealed this swanky new sixth scale figure of Darth Maul, based on his most recent appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Technically, this won’t be out until next year, but you CAN go ahead and pre-order it. Considering the price, I don’t think any fan would be bummed by getting a pre-order card under the tree.

Mini-Star Wars Books – Insight Editions have released a couple of mini-sized Star Wars books. One that covers the various comic covers throughout the decades and the other showcasing the gorgeous concept art from Ralph McQuarrie. They seem PERFECTLY sized for stocking stuffers.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Vinyl Soundtrack – iam8bit has an excellent gift option for Ninja Turtles fans and gamers alike, with the Vinyl Soundtrack of the classic Turtles in Time game. Even if you don’t listen to vinyls at home, it would fit in perfectly with any collection you have.

Regal Robot’s Mythosaur Skull – The Star Wars decor gurus over at Regal Robot have a brand new Mythosaur skull based on the version we see in the Disney+ series, The Mandalorian. All of their stuff is quality and for only $40, it’s an easy choice to spice up your office space!

Stormtrooper Whiskey Decanter – While it’s not new, this thing is pretty awesome. I got one a couple years back for Christmas and I absolutely love it. It looks great on the shelf and blends in with any “adult” decor while still showcasing your nerdy side.

Monopoly: Stranger Things Collector’s Edition – While I’m not huge on board games these days (though I still enjoy playing with the kids on occasion), I have to put this awesome Stranger Things Monopoly on the list. I’ve had the chance to see this version, which is different from the standard one, in person and it’s pretty epic. Pulling from all three seasons, fans of the show will definitely enjoy this.

Nerdy Books for the Holidays:

Steel Crow Saga

Star Wars: Resistance Reborn


The Art of The Rise of Skywalker


Gift cards – I understand that some people have this feeling that you should buy a gift that’s personal and from the heart. Because you are so close to, and know, your loved one so well you’re able to walk in the store and pick up something they’d truly treasure.

Well whoop-de-doo for you. I want cash. Cold, hard, spend it how I freaking want it, legal tender. Don’t worry about what game I want for X-mas get a $75 gift card to Amazon/PSN/XBOXLive/Gamestop/Nintendo store and leave the choice to me.

Does the person on your shopping list play a crap ton of Pokemon Go and/or only use android devices?  Looks like a $50 Google card would be a pretty darn good thing to have. Maybe you really have no idea what your significant other/ child/ nephew/ whoever wants? Amazon gift cards or a plain old Visa/MC gift card works wonders and they can worry about what they want to get with it.

If we’re in a relationship I don’t want socks, ties, underwear, or a nice sweater. I will say I appreciate it, but know full well that I do not. My geek addiction requires cash, not clothing.


Funko Pops: Seriously, these can be the perfect gift to give because you can find a Funko Pop for just about any fandom imaginable, and they’re a cute little gift to give that usually don’t cost all that much.


Project Rock – Is Under Armour geek themed? The Rock is playing Black Adam, that’s geeky. And the best line of UA is Project Rock. So if ya ask me, you might as well get some. It is the most comfortable UA line out there.

Jackass Nation Merch  – What’s Christmas without a little of the Jackass Nation? Check out the Jackass Nation on Teepublic and get everything you need! And while your at it, grab some Cinelinx Merch too!


Overwatch: The Official Cookbook – When it comes to collectibles, I absolutely adore receiving themed cookbooks. I love seeing how the writer puts a unique twist on an ordinary meal to make it fit for that specific character. If that’s something the nerdy cook of your home is into, as well, then the Overwatch: The Official Cookbook is definitely up your alley. The book features more than 90 recipes inspired by the heroes of Overwatch and their homelands. That’s a lot of recipes that stretch across the entire globe. A foodie/nerd’s dream. YUM!

LEGO Overwatch Sets/Overwatch Figures by HASBRO – Overwatch is HUGE right now. Millions of gamers play it regularly, the Pros in Overwatch League leave fans enthralled and on the edge of their seats, and the announcement of Overwatch 2 sent the entire world into a frenzy. So, when in doubt, just get your gamer something Overwatch related and you’re probably good. Thankfully, Activision and Blizzard have a pretty cool variety when it comes to Overwatch. They’ve got incredibly cool LEGO sets like the Junkrat & Roadhog and Wrecking Ball sets that were released just a few months ago. If LEGO isn’t their jam, HASBRO Overwatch Ultimates figures are a Collector’s dream. Just released this year were figures for Lucio, Sombra, Tracer, Mercy, and so many more.

Crash Team Racing Funko POP! I love Funko POP!s. They are an absolute treasure. As a rule of thumb, a Funko POP! of that special someone’s favorite IP is always a great idea. It just so happens that this year, I stumbled upon a Crash Team Racing Funko POP! that’s INcredible! Just look at it! Who wouldn’t want that? It is available on the Funko official online store.

Funimation Apparel and Funko POP!s – It’s so hard to buy something for an anime fan. There are SO many amazing animes to be a fan of that it can be difficult to figure out what to get that special someone. In browsing the Funimation online shop, I found loads of Apparel and Funko POP!s for literally every mainstream anime. If you want a My Hero Academia backpack, it’s there. If you want a Dragon Ball Super hoodie, you’ll find it there. Plus, they’ve got Funko POP!s for everyone’s favorite anime, including a My Hero Academia Todoroki POP! that I absolutely lost my mind over when I saw it. That’s the place to go for all your anime lovers.

We hope our gift guides have been helpful to you this year and continue to give you ideas all through the holiday season!