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Quentin Tarantino Could Be In the Process of Directing A Star...

One of the most controversial directors of our generation may have a big part in the development of the next film in the Star Trek franchise.  More within..

Star Trek Continues Episode 10: To Boldly Go

Part one of the final episode for the Web’s finest fan-made series came out this week, and as usual, it does not disappoint. As Star Trek Continues warps to its conclusion, long-time Trek fans are treated to a wonderful trip back to the very beginning of the classic series.

Son Of Shaft Has Been Cast

Can you dig it? Shaft is on his way back to the big screen. This go around it will be the son of Shaft stepping into the spotlight.

Star Trek Continues Returns With Another Superb Episode

For fans of classic Star Trek who want to see quality stories done in the spirt of the original series, you have a treat this week. The consistently excellent web series Star Trek Continues has put out its eighth episode, “Still Treads the Shadow”, and as usual, it does not disappoint. 

Did White Washing Doom Ghost in the Shell?

The much-hyped Ghost in the Shell had a disastrous opening weekend last week. This is surprising, considering it stars worldwide superstar Scarlett Johansson, and is based on a popular anime. What’s the real reason that the film made only $19 million on it’s first weekend? Paramount feels that the whitewashing controversy was responsible for the bad box office.

Paramount Looking to Reboot The Green Hornet

Ah the Green Hornet, definitely an underused property. I mean yes we had a remake a few years ago that was okay but luckily there’s people out there that see potential in a reboot.


Full Trailer for Live Action Ghost in The Shell

Paramount releases its first full trailer for the upcoming Ghost in The Shell and it looks like it came straight from the anime.

Mission: Impossible 6 Set For Summer 2018 Release

Paramount Pictures has announced that the 6th installment in the long-running series, Mission: Impossible, has a release date set.  This all comes after negotiations with their leading man were finally able to be resolved.  More information below.

God Particle Confirmed to be in the Cloverfield Universe

What’s going on with the next installment of the Cloverfield series? Well despite the second coming out of the blue insiders have leaked information for the third.


BEN-HUR character posters!

The Epic Classic BEN-HUR is next up on Hollywoods Remake list, and now we have some character posters!

Machinehood – Book Review

Hugo Award nominee S.B. Divya (Runtime) is back with Machinehood, an action-packed sci-fi thriller about artificial intelligence, sentience, and labor rights in the near...